Dogs and puppies

• Alexis, a 5-year-old black female Lab-mix, has the best listening ear (case 0164).

King, a 1-year-old black male Boxer-mix, needs the warm embrace of safety with you (case 0328).

Cyndi Lou, a 3-year-old black with white female Lab-mix, is no grinch to be around (case 0361).

Starlight, a 1-year-old gray female Weimaraner/Lab-mix, will have all your dreams coming true (case 0422).

Roxie, an 18-month-old tan-and-white female Lab-mix, makes you feel young again (case 0472).

Ollie, an 11-month-old spotted whete-and-black male Lab-mix, will only have eyes for you (case 0542).

Nosey, 2-year-old tan female Shepherd-mix, needs someone to love just as much as she does (case 0001).

Lexi, a 4-year-old tan-and-white female Lab-mix, is all love and food (case 0037).

Luna, a 2-year-old tan-and-white female Lab-mix, needs a kind heart to show her love (case 0050).

Bandi, a 4-5 year-old white female Lab-mix, needs love she has never been shown (case 0051).

Pepper, an 18-month-old black-and-white pepper spotted female Pointer-mix, is that spice you are looking for in life (case 0072).

Droopy, a 2-month-old black-and-white male Lab/Jack Russell-mix, has a way with barks (case 0093).

Clara, a 2-month-old black-and-white female Lab/Jack Russell-mix, is the adventure you’ve been searching for (case 0097).

Penny, a 6-year-old black female Heeler-mix, will make you feel like a million bucks (case 0102).

• Molly, an 8-year-old brown-and-black female German Shepherd-mix, will keep you smiling and laughing (case 0103).

• Memphis, a 4-month-old brindle female Boxer, will always be a good time (case 0110).

• Gunner, a 4-month-old tan male Shepherd-mix, will steal your heart (case 0111).

• Cash, a 4-month-old tan male Shepherd-mix, will make you feel like a million dollars (case 0112).

• Delta, a 10-week-old white-and-black female Hound/Labrador-mix, will travel the world for you (case 0122).

• Hank, a 10-week-old black male Hound/Labrador-mix, has a sweet song to share with you (case 0124).

• Otis, a 10-week-old white-spotted male Hound/Labrador-mix, is looking for his best friend (case 0125).

• Betty, a 10-week-old white female Hound/Labrador-mix, needs her jughead to rescue her (case 0126).

• Tootsie, a 1-year-old white-and-tan female Catahoula-mix, is as sweet as her name (case 0128).

• Maybel, a 4-month-old brindle female Lab-mix, has that sweet Southern charm (case 0133).

• Boomer, a 4-month-old brindle male Lab-mix, is an explosion of fun (case 0134).

• Archie, a 4-month-old brindle male Lab mix, needs his Veronica (case 0135).

• Palmer, a 4-month-old brindle male Lab mix, will be yours for the long game (case 0136).

• Petunia, a 2-3 yr old brindle female Boxer-mix, will cuddle with you all day long (case 0137).

• Hugo, a 3-month-old tan Lab-mix, will hold your heart close to his (case 0146).

• Onyx, an 8-month-old black Lab, will fill your nights with light (case 0151).

Cats and kittens

Penelope, 1-year-old tabby female, will turn your sour in to sweet (case 0331).

Camilla, an 11-month-old diluted female tabby, specializes in purrs (case 0161).

Juliet, a 12-week-old black-and-white female tuxedo/magpie-mix, needs a new Romeo (case 0326).

Mingo, a 4-month-old male Persian/DSH, wants to show you all his new tricks (case 0395).

Carolina, a 10-month-old tabby with white female DSH, makes every day feel like sunshine (case 0416).

• June, an 18-month-old black female Bombay-mix, who makes it feel like summer all year long (case 0178).

• Dotty, a 2-year-old tabby female DSH, will make your heart skip a beat (case 0548).

• Charlie, a 5-month-old orange male tabby, is better than a factory full of chocolate  (case 0013).

• Henna, a 7-month-old tortoise shell female, will have you feeling like your always on vacation (case 0056).

Emma, a 10-month-old black-and-white female DSH, will cast a spell over your heart (case 0059).

Freda, an 11-year-old tri-color female calico, knows cuddles are the best medicine (case 0075).

Chester, a 2-month-old orange male DSH, will have you calling out of work (case 0085).

Carmen, a 1-year-old grey diluted female calico, has a way with purrs (case 0084).

Tinkerbell, a 2-year-old female calico, will always make you feel young (case 0117).

The Orangeburg SPCA will be limiting the number of people inside its facility at this time. Hours of operation are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the first and third Saturdays. The SPCA is located at 225 Ruf Road and the phone number is 803-536-3918. Check out available adoptions on the internet at orangeburgspca.petfinder.com, the interactive website at www.OrangeburgSPCA.org and Facebook page at Orangeburg SPCA. Email any questions to adopt@orangeburgspca.org.

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