The Orangeburg County Fair announced the 2023 winners in several departments.

The Sky Diver (shown), UFO (Gravitron) and Zipper are rides for more adventuresome fair attendees, while family favorites include the Sea Ray …

Food conservation winners

Orangeburg County Fair winners included a number of cakes.


Best of show — Sylvia Wells (tomatoes)

Other 1st place winners in vegetables

Delby Nettles

Susan Goodwin

Barbara Wells

Becky Aron

Kaye Rutland

Beverly Walling

Pickled foods

Best of show — Becky Aron (Squash pickles)

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Other 1st place winners in pickled foods

Barbara Wells

Tonya Corne

Anna Brown

Soft spreads

Best of show — Laura Hair (grape jelly)

Other 1st place winners in soft spreads

Gaye Adams

Tonya Corne

Other 1st place winners

Gaye Adams — apple butter

Beverly Walling — pear butter, beef chuck, chicken broth, pork, link pork sausage, chicken chunks, water glass eggs, and many dehydrated foods

Wyatt Rast — hot sausage

Anna Brown — honey

Tommy Polk — honey

Vicky Polk — honey

Mikaela Johnson — deer, water glass eggs

Miss Annie Award was won by Gaye Adams

Adult baked goods

First-place winners

Jule Dixon — banana nut bread, conga cookies

Decorative cake winners

Magnolias of Santee — football cake

Sharminna English — lips cake

Sharminna English — blue box cake


Best of show — Laney Hair (corn)

Pickled foods

Best of show — Natalie Corne (sweet pepper pickle)

Other first-place winners

Laney Hair

Till O’Cain

Soft spreads

Best of show — Orangeburg 4-H Club (grape jelly)

Other first-place winners

Marcus Birch

Aubrey Hay

Molly Sweatman

Laney Hair

Natalie Corne

Other first-place winners for youth canned goods

Georgia Lynn Johnson (eggs)

Landon Hair (quail eggs)

Leah Polk — honey

Youth baked goods

First-place winners

Georgia Lynn Johnson — pound cake, rock candy

Jacey Dixon — red velvet cake, chocolate chip pumpkin cake

Decorative cakes

First-place winners

Georgia Lynn Johnson — glass cake

Elizabeth Hunsinger — pumpkin cake

King Arthur Four cupcake winners

First place — Elizabeth Hunsinger

Second place — Jacey Dixon

Third place — Georgia Lynn Johnson


Wyatt Rast — Best of show overall — avocado tree

Jerry Price — Best of show — artificial arrangement, Best of show — floral arrangement

Terri Morrell — Best of show — mandevilla, (2) 1st place, (1) 2nd place

Elizabeth Gibbs — Designer’s choice, Grower’s choice (1) 2nd place

Myers Murphy — (1) 2nd place

Landon Hair — (1) 2nd place

Bubba Morrell — (1) 2nd place

Nathan Hildebrand — (1) 1st place

Phil Krieger — (1) 2nd place

Casey Sikes — (1) 1st place

Arts and crafts

1st place: Kalegh Grant, Indigo Syders, Princesslayla Williams, Daisy O-Quinn, Marcus Birch, Talley McBride, Maddie Montez, Ily-Louise Owens, Imani Robinson, LaJayda Wannamaker, Harmony Dreher, Shia Miller, Isabella Woodad, Jenny Wang, Kylee Durr, Laney Hair, GeorgiaLynn Johnson, Meranda Yancey, Kinsley Freeman, Brooklyn Legette, Alayna Weilnau, Brooks Stapleton, Lillian Young, Kaleigh Grant, Aaliyah Dunning, Shivam Patel, Orian Miller, Forever Sapp, Anali Jimenez, Kennedy Williams, Shia Millen, Justin Dolly, Samayah Johnson, Alexis McGannon

2nd place:Jordyn Coulter, Jaedan Bell, Taileek Jamison, Kylie Branch, Kamaria Triplett, Amiya Pelzer, Kemiyah Brunson, Emani Kennerly, Makayla Addison Garrick, Jasmine Davis, Amelia Davis, Meranda Yancey, Kinsley Freeman, Alayna Weilnau, Brooks Stapleton, Zoe Singletary, Neveah Harley, Skyler McClenon, Bakarie Morris, Sanai Green, Harmony Dreher, Lilly Hall, Brianna Hayward, Brantley Thompson, Alexis McGannon, Jaidyn Johnson

3rd place: Cheyenne Bonette, Kemiyah Jackson, Londyn Creese, Londyn Creese, Marcus Birch, Kenley Gainey, Lyric Washington, Eli Hayden, Kinsley Freeman, Kaleigh Grant, Mutahharah Aodunalam, Ariel Strecher, Kimberly Faile, Jaidah Green, Gabriela Rosendiz, Skylar Zorn, Charneikque Robertson, Alexis McGannon, Jaidyn Johnson, Isabel Hayes, Skylee Coulter, Avian Gaffney, Kakalya Johnson, Jamiyah Higgins

Art 1st place: Sarah Parler, Mary Dibble, Raven Norton, Mark Thames, Jim Carr, Tunisha Summers, Merle Buck, Austin Reynolds, Malissa Wright, Sharmina English, Megan Herring

Crafts 1st place: Jonathan Zeigler, Merle Buck, Tunisha Summers, Gwen Sewer, Kathy Metts, Elizabeth Gibbs, Joan Martin, Jason Tyler, Teresa Reddick

Arts 2nd place: Betty Wolfe, Mark Thames, Jim Carr, Merle Buck, Austin Reynolds, Nicholas Walters

Crafts 2nd place: Jonathan Zeigler, Merle Buck, Tunisha Summers, Elizabeth Gibbs, Joan Martin, Jason Tyler, Debbie Adams, Teressa Reddick

Arts 3rd place: Peggy Hazel, Susan Etheridge, Mark Thames

Crafts 3rd place: Tunisha Summers, Lauren Still, Jason Tyler, Teressa Reddick

Field crops

1st place: J.D. Sikes, Jon Sikes, Casey Sikes, Tris Waystack, Terri Morell, Jonathan Zeigler, Fran Dantzler, Ralph Rentz, Elizabeth Gibbs, Lisa Warner. Ashby O’Cain

2nd place: J.D. Sikes, Jon Sikes, Casey Sikes, Tris Waystack, Terri Morell, Ashley Zeigler, Ralph Rentz, Lisa Warner, Denise Sikes

3rd place: J.D. Sikes, Jon Sikes, Casey Sikes, Tris Waystack, Terri Morell, Johnathan Zeigler, Lyle Rentz, Lisa Warner, Ashby O’Cain

Baskets: J.D. Sikes, Jon Sikes, Casey Sikes

1st place: Kaydence Sikes, Zoey Mooney, Mady Sikes, Reed Brown, Eli Waystack, Laney Hair, Weston Woodall, Ella Zeigler, Hannah Lanham, Jacob Zeigler, Walker Lanham, Wyatt Rast, Cross O’Cain, Carson Gibbs, Till O’Cain

2nd place: Kaydence Sikes, Zoey Mooney, Mady Sikes, William Brown, Eli Waystack, Laney Hair, Weston Woodall, Jacob Zeigler, Ella Zeigler, Hannah Lantham, Cross O’Cain, Myers Murphy, Till O’Cain

3rd place: Kaydence Sikes, Zoey Mooney, Mady Sikes, William Brown, Clint Brown, Eli Waystack, Laney Hair, Ella Zeigler, Walker Lanhamm Till O’Cain

1st place: Cadence Stone, Brooklyn Legette, Arden Epps, 

2nd place: Jaidyn Johnson, Aubrey Hay, Clara Loper

3rd place: Jordan Russ, Addyson Waggoner, Adler Bullard

1st place: Kinsley Freeman

2nd place: Mady Sikes

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