Orangeburg-Wilkinson senior Trinity Winningham is the 2022 T&D Region Volleyball Player of the Year.

After falling short against Gilbert the last two seasons, Winningham helped lead the Bruinettes to a tie-breaking victory over the Lady Indians that clinched the school’s first region championship since 2018.

Winningham would be named All-Region, All-State and invited to play in the North-South All-Star game.

She was a team captain for O-W and was named the team’s Best All-Around player and Offensive Player of the Year.

She finished the season with a 94% serve rate, 35 aces, 93% attack rate, 248 kills, six block kills, 216 digs and 193 receptions.

All-Region Team

First Team

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Brianna Wiles (Branchville) All-State, All-Region, North-South, 24 aces, 221 receptions, 256 kills, 189 digs, Mikayla Hallman (B-E) Region Player of the Year, All-State, 81-percent serve, 76 aces, 160 kills, 11-percent attack, 60 digs, 3 blocks, Izzy Exum (OPS) All-Region, North-South, 229 digs, 8.5 blocks, 30 assists, led team in kills, Blakely Kingsmore (CA) All-Region, North-South, runner-up Region POTY, 29 aces, 26 blocks, 18 assists, 182 kills, 368 digs, Ki’ra Wright (Orangeburg-Wilkinson) All-Region, captain MVP, 98-percent serve, 63 aces, 94-percent attack, 279 kills, 135 assists, 11 block kills, 329 digs, 298 receptions, Karsyn Smoak (HHA) Region Player of the Year, 105 kills, 56 aces, 287 assists

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Second Team

Syrenity Sims (North) All-Region, team captain, 82 kills, 62 digs, 38 blcoks, 18 assists, Emily Heape (Branchville) All-State, All-Region, 31 aces, 325 receptions, 201 digs, Jasmine Anderson (Orangeburg-Wilkinson) All-Region, North-South, Defensive POTY, 90-percent serve, six aces, 89-percent attack, 139 kills, 179 block kills, 108 digs, 19 receptions, Paige Shelton (DA) All-Region, North-South, led team in kills and aces, Gracen Zeigler (B-E) team MVP, All-Region, 81-percent serve, 39 aces, 467 assists, eight kills, 18 digs, Mary Grace Vallentine (Branchville) All-Region, 30 aces, 145 kills, 28 blocks

Honorable Mention

Katherine Lambrect (OPS) All-Region, 294 digs, 97-percent serve, Lauren Ballew (OPS) All-Region, third on team in kills, 90-percent serve, Jane Walker Yonce (OPS) second on team in kills, 21 blocks, 30 aces, 92-percent serve, Amelia Stembridge (B-E) All-Region, 88-percent serve, 47 aces, 136 kills, 23-percent attack, 15 digs, 52 blocks, Julianna Grooms (HHA) All-Region, 98 kills, 29 aces, 11 assists, Laura Grace Atkinson (HHA) All-Region, 89 kills, 26 aces, Kaley Bell (HHA) 50 kills, 40 aces, 41 assists, Lauren Creel (DA) All-Region, led team in digs, receptions and aces, Riley Shuler (Branchville) All-Region, 80 aces, 30 kills, 445 assists, 122 digs, Kara Infinger (Branchville) 33 aces, 80 kills, 33 digs, Darian Dawson (OW) All-Region, 96-percent serve, 19 aces, 49 assists, 369 digs, 329 receptions, Alyx Foster (OW) All-Region, 96-percent serve, 59 aces, 16 kills, 10 blocks, 264 digs, 165 receptions, Imani Mitchell (OW) 90-percent attack, 81 kills, 120 block kills, Larkyn Jones (OW) 80-percent serve, 129 assists, 19 block kills, 46 digs, 19 receptions, Kiara Rose (OW) 79-percent serve, five kills, 100 assists, eight block kills, 29 digs, 28 receptions, Callie Hewitt (Edisto) All-Region, All-State, Reagan Kizer (CA) All-Region, North-South, 112 kills, 21 aces, seven blocks, 164 digs

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