LIBRARY cold weather ahead

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There is a chance of frosty conditions this weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Orangeburg temperatures are expected to plummet to about the mid-30s Sunday morning, meaning there could be areas of patchy frost.

Frost advisories may be issued.

It would be the first frost of the fall season.

Individuals with sensitive outdoor vegetation may want to cover their plants if they intend to keep them alive. Plants could also be brought indoors.

Temperatures are expected to be the lowest seen in the Orangeburg area since mid to late April.

Looking ahead for the next two weeks, temperatures are forecast to be below normal with rainfall also below normal for this time of year, according to the NWS Climate Prediction Center.

Looking ahead for the winter, temperatures are forecast to be above normal and rainfall below normal, according to the center.

A La Nina has emerged for the second winter in a row. The weather pattern is characterized by lower-than-normal water temperatures in the Pacific.

An El Niño year typically means colder and wetter conditions across the region.

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